DFT Wet 16 oz

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This is truly the easiest to use, longest lasting wax out there. It's high-tech formulation provides the deepest possible shine on dark paint. It truly shows off dark colors like many other waxes can't and works just as well on lighter shades. No longer do you have to apply section by section, you can wax your whole car and then wipe it off! No white, chalky, caked on film. It won't stain your trim white.

| Tim 07-09-2017 03:20

Absolutely LOVE this product! Check out my Instagram @The_Colorado_Evo for some proof that this stuff is amazing. I use it before shows and get nothing but people asking how I get this shine "Wet" Look! Highly recomend you try a bottle for yourself and also pick up a bottle of the detailer too for that quick touch up on interior and anything else that you can use a microfiber towel on! Love this stuff the most out of all the other products I've tried!

| Tim-The_Colorado_Evo on Instagram 07-09-2017 03:15

Love this stuff! Has a nice Clean smell to it when you're putting it on and it really does leave a Fantastic "Wet" shine especially to black paint. Check out my Evo on insta @The_Colorado_Evo and see for your self I use this everytime I wash my car before a show. Then also Bring a bottle of the Detailer along with for a quick touch up there. Best product by far! Highly recommend for that unbeatable "Wet" Shine!

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