DFT Waterless 16 oz

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DFT Waterless gets your car sparkling clean quickly and easily when you don't have access to water.

Our organic formula lifts dirt and other contaminants away and surrounds them in a defensive lubricant, making them a cinch to wipe away. The light carnauba/sealant components buff away easily to leave your car gleaming in the sun.

Speaking of the sun, DFT Waterless is formulated with UV light protection to help prevent fading and cracking of painted and other surfaces.

The perfect solution for motorcycles, boats, and RVs. No more complicated washing rituals, DFT Waterless does the work for you in half the time!

| Beau H 25-08-2019 14:24

Been using this for a couple years now and love it. Much faster than washing my truck with the hose and really shines

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